Yeezy Increase: Vlogger Deep-Fries His Yeezy 350 Sneakers As A Stunt, Gets Called Out By The Web


Models pose during Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 on February 11, 2016 in New York City.

A video blogger that passes NameBranClothing believed to pull a stunt for his YouTube followers by deep-frying his tan Yeezy Boost replica 350 tennis shoes. The footwear is Kanye West’s production with Adidas and also the brand is much sought-after amongst sneakerheads.
NameBranClothing continued to demonstrate how he butchered his Yeezy in the video clip by prepping the battery – appearing intoxicated while doing so – according to New York Journal. “In all honesty, I feel like it’s visiting be really, actually dope to have a deep-fried pair of Yeezys on my shelf in my space in the background of my video clips. I feel like that’s a lot doper to me than using them on my feet,” the vlogger stated.

After effectively deep-frying the shoe, NameBranClothing breaks off the finish and eats it like fried chick, yet he later declared to have actually cleaned the finish off as well as claimed that his Yeezy still “look as trill as ever before” in the YouTube comments.
While the vlogger on a regular basis does mystifying things on his YouTube stations, some fans didn’t quite people understand his most recent stunt. “If you are seeking for attention and also I’m certain that you are why do not you just contribute them to someone homeless,” claimed one commenter, Abdullah Mohsen. “That would certainly get you greater than 500,000 perspectives. Also Kanye West or Kim Kardashian would certainly’ve recognized you. You in all honesty would’ve most likely obtained an additional pair. That’s not even the vital part. Giving away a pair of Yeezys would make the street person satisfied as well as you more than happy. You would certainly’ve gotten kindness and be happy,” included Mohsen.
“I can’t stand this new fad of purposely f– king up pricey shoes,” stated an additional commenter.

“Stop doing sh-t such as this merely for attention cause the only sort of attention your getting is hate,” recommended one more follower.

Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan, launched Dec. 29, 2015, cost $200, according to Sneaker Information. This certain pair is no more available in the marketplace.

Yeezy Boost just recently re-released its 350 Pirate Black variation Friday, Feb. 19, but soon marketed out in stores after a day, according to CNBC. Pirate Black was initially launched in August 2015.


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