Airwheel Self-Balancing 2 wheels mobility scooters A3, Leader of Sitting-posture Mobility scooter

New product Airwheel electric self-balancing sitting-posture mobility scooter A3 of A-series appears with its special and elegant outlook and wise procedure to the general public. Features of high safety efficiency, small size and multiple feature will upstage more scooter-lovers. Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electric mobility scooter A3 will certainly bring pleasant shock to riders’ average lives.

On 18 June, 2015, Airwheel brought out one new product– electric self-balancing scooter posture scooter A3. Its look indicates standing-posture is not the solitary layout for mobility scooter any more as well as a new era of sitting-posture mobility scooter is coming.
Airwheel A3 is equipped with 520wh battery, the riding array could get to regarding 25km on the basis of 1kwh each 50km when fully charged. The leading speed of A3 is 20km/h, as well as the restriction rate is quite hassle-free to readjust as cyclists’ wish. A3 could be hooked up to cyclists’ phones via APP, once attached, all information regarding it will certainly show on the PROGRAM, after that individuals could manage A3 such as turning on lights, locking as well as unlocking, GPS and also so on at their fingertip using APPLICATION.
The digital brake system of electrical self-balancing mobility scooter A3 has high safety performance, cyclists could brake swiftly by continuing to be upright on the saddle or pushing the brake button beside the display screen with a 50mm turning off distance. With collapsible pedal, the 2-wheeled electrical mobility scooter A3 takes up just 0.25-metre-square space when parked. The most noticeable function of self-balancing scooter A3 is the saddle.

The growth of 2 wheel electric standing scooter A3 makes an excellent advancement of traditional standing-posture design, as well as ushers a brand-new period of sitting-posture scooter. Perfect equipment centers and also smart operation make certain the safety and security, meanwhile, make riding a lot more comfortable and also interesting.

New product Airwheel electrical self-balancing sitting-posture mobility scooter A3 of A-series shows up with its distinct and also classy outlook and smart operation to the public. Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing electrical scooter A3 will bring sweet shock to riders’ ordinary lives.

A3 could be linked to riders’ phones via APPLICATION, once attached, all information about it will show on the APP, after that people could regulate electric scooter A3 such as turning on lights, locking as well as unlocking, GENERAL PRACTITIONER and also so on at their fingertip through APPLICATION.


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