Cable television box rental charges set you back typical family $232 a year

A brand-new study of the nation’s leading pay-TV carriers shows that regarding 99 percent of US consumers rent out set-top boxes straight from their companies and pay an average of $231.82 a year in rental charges.

Consumers “invest, generally, $89.16 a year leasing a single set-top box,” or $7.43 a month. Yet the full rate paid by the ordinary family is a lot greater since “the average variety of set-top boxes rented to a household is around 2.6,” US Senators Edward Markey (D-MA.) and also Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) stated in a press release announcing the outcomes of the survey.

The senators sent out inquiries regarding set-top boxes to providers last November and today launched a summary of the outcomes and the firms’ feedbacks, though components of the feedbacks were not made public ” CS918 TV Box due to competitive level of sensitivity.” The suppliers who responded were AT&T, Bright Property Networks, Cablevision, Charter, Comcast, Cox, Recipe, DirecTV, Time Detector Wire, as well as Verizon.

“The set-top box rental market may be worth more than $19.5 billion annually,” the senators’ news stated. “Baseding on openly offered information, there are around 221 million mounted set-top boxes that are usinged from MVPDs [multichannel video clip programs representatives, consisting of cable, satellite and telecom operators] Using this data, the typical annual cost for a single set-top box was multiplied by the complete variety of set-top boxes usinged from MVPDs to establish that the industry produces $19.5 billion in revenue.”.

Markey and also Blumenthal asserted that the situation can get even worse because in 2013 Congress “repealed the set-top box integration ban, which turned on customers to accessibility modern technology that allowed use of a set-top box besides one rented from their cable firm. Without the integration ban, by the end of this year, cable television business will certainly no longer be needed making their services appropriate with outdoors set-top boxes, like TiVo as an example, got straight by customers in the retail marketplace.”.

The largest cable industry lobby, the National Cable & Telecommunications Organization (NCTA), disputed the Markey/Blumenthal disagreement that the expiry of the so-called CableCARD regulation will certainly damage consumers.

“In 2014, an extremely bipartisan Congress wisely enacted legislation that sunset a needless and expensive mandate that saddles customers of cable usinged set-top boxes with high expenses and greater energy costs,” the NCTA composed. “And as also TiVo has actually acknowledged, removal of the assimilation ban will certainly not impact the marketplace for retail tools and CableCARDs will certainly continue to be available.”.

The NCTA did not challenge the senators’ findings regarding what consumers pay in set-top box leasing costs.


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