JUNG Delivers Android mobile phone-Based Smart Controls with eNet and KNX Help

New effortless operation, new overall flexibility: The capacitative touchscreen display with brilliant quality, higher contact susceptibility and impulse rate – that is the thing that makes the procedure in the new smart contol center JUNG Intelligent Controls for wall structure set up stick out immediately. The open Google android operations method as well as the JUNG Wise Launcher open up new frontiers for that end user within the regulating their smart property technological innovation.
Featured image
The wide open functioning process as well as the JUNG Launcher create choices

The new Clever Handles depend upon the flexibility of Android mobile phone for his or her compact operating individual panels for innovative constructing system technology. These permit charge of many different building automation methods by means of apps. If desired, in parallel, this way both JUNG eNet and KNX installations can be operated through one and the same device – separately or orvibo allone. This reveals new application choices. In addition, with all the JUNG Clever Launcher, all of the accessible programs are evidently showcased and might be known as up directly by feel about the respective icon. By virtue of the Android operation system and direct access to the Google Play Store, the new Smart Controls can be extended with additional apps at any time.


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