Hori Unveils New PS4 Controller With Xbox-like Layout

Is the Sony PlayStation 4 the ideal console? Some might suggest of course, while others could argue no and that there are some locations that Sony can surpass. If you’re in the last camp and also you really feel that the controller packed with the console could possibly stand to be improved upon, you could be thinking about Hori’s most recent providing.

The business has just recently unveiled their most current PlayStation 4 controller, which you can view in the image above. If you’re a little baffled by its appearance and also are asking yourself why it looks so familiar, it is since Hori has actually attracted inspiration from the Xbox controller. With the PS4 controller, both the analog sticks have the bottom, with the directional pad to the right.
Featured image
Nonetheless in Hori’s instance, referred to the HoriPad 4 FPS, they have actually repositioned several of the controllers with an Xbox-like design. If you have actually constantly been a follower of the Xbox’s controller after that perhaps this may be good news for you. The controller is actually a follow-up from an earlier statement but in this case, they have actually included a clickable touch pad where the previous version did not.

It will additionally sport a metallic surface and baseding on Hori, the analog sticks on the ps 4 controller will continuously apply tension on the finger to help with more accurate intending, so as the business and description mention, this is a controller created for FPS video games in mind. Sadly it seems that its launch will be limited to Japan, at least in the meantime, as well as will be valued at around $37.


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