Teen kid obtains his GoPro back after shedding it in Rainbow River n

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A GoPro video camera found by a man snorkeling in Rainbow River has been returned to its rightful owner.

Harold Cason consulted with Bay News 9 after locating the GoPro, intending to find the striving 13-year-old fishermen he viewed in hrs of video clip on the electronic camera.

Somebody who saw the story consulted with the owner of the video camera, Austin New. Austin as well as his family members were met again with the camera on Thursday night.

“I wish everybody could experience this time,” claimed Harold. “It’s simply the best feeling I might ever before have.”.

Austin had greater than four hours of video clip on the GoPro that he claims he been aiming for his YouTube and Instagram web pages.

“When I mature, I wish to be an angling guide,” Austin stated. “The video was a good begin for me.”.

In addition to returning the GoPro camera, Harold likewise provided Austin a $25 gift card to get even more fishing equipment as well as far better tools to secure his GoPro.


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