HTC had an Apple apple iphone 6 to take an advertising photo of the 24K gold HTC One M9

Earlier today, we informed you that HTC had created a 24K gold variation of the HTC One M9 to celebrate the UEFA Champions League Final. The phone is stunning, no question concerning it. HTC was so happy with the model that it took some pictures as well as sent them out from its Twitter account. By all accounts, this appeared to be a good advertising for HTC, which has actually had some rather dour information to state just recently.
Featured image
Yet as an eagle-eyed Twitter individual recognized, one of the photos of the 24K gold HTC One M9 devices was actually snapped by an Apple iphone 6 case. We know that since the shiny gold area of the One M9 clearly reveals the reflection of a person holding Apple’s famous mobile phone.

HTC finally pertained to this awareness too, considering that it changed the image taken by the iPhone with one more photo. For HTC, we wish the brand-new picture was taken utilizing the HTC One M9.


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