Samsung Galaxy Take note 4, Be aware Side, Notice 3 Android 5. Lollipop Troubles Carry on: Battery power Strain, Overheating, Wi-Fi Troubles And A Lot More

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Users in the Samsung Galaxy Notice 4, Be aware Benefit and Take note 3 are continuous to discover overall performance complications with their phablets after the Android 5. Lollipop upgrade. The difficulties reported consist of getting too hot, battery deplete, very cold of programs, Wi-Fi connections plus more.

Recent conjecture is swirling in regards to the release dates and specs for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, the forthcoming successor on the well-liked main phablets the Be aware 4 and Be aware Benefit. Records have claimed that Samsung was about to release the Be aware 5 in July, instead of its common September timeframe, to overcome Apple’s approaching iPhone 6S In addition to showcase. Samsung’s CEO J.K. Shin just openly refused his clients are about to release the phablet in July.

At the same time, several Notice 4, Notice Benefit and Notice 3 products are continue to suffering from significant performance and issues issues since the up-date to Google android 5. Lollipop. Disappointed customers continue to be surging information boards and Tech Periods with problems about the side effects the update has received on the mobile phones.

One particular consumer recently summed within the sensations of numerous: “Using the Note Side AT&T and I’m pissed at the 5. upgrade, simply being my electric battery journeyed from not having to get billed from 6 a.m. until finally around 8 p.m. to now 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. Next issue … freezing. Ugh … I dislike this crap! Then my Wi-Fi is way from steady. I virtually gone above my moments considering my Wi-Fi was on but it really wasn’t for some reason. One important thing I loathe is a headaches coming from a Cell phone! Smh.”

The most regularly reported problem seems to be significant battery drain: “Battery life is terrible since update … lag issues … phone turned slow in lots of ways, please inform if we could switch back to old OS, a work phone should not have these issues, as time is always the case … especially battery life! !” reported 1 customer.

Though it may be legally unachievable to switch to an older Google android platform pursuing an revise, some theoretically-smart consumers have discovered a workaround. As we have reported, many users have found a factory reset helped solve some or all of their issues, but just as many received no relief from that approach: “I have done a manufacturer reset a second time soon after modernizing to Lollipop. My battery power will barely final 10 time with light use. It would last 20 hours easily with moderate use before upgrading. Well before, the Android os system would only use about 4 to 5 pct of electric battery use, now it is actually persistently 20 percent. I know it is not any apps because I have less apps than prior to the update, and no new ones at that.”

On the other hand, a number of users are experiencing no difficulties with the Android mobile phone 5. Lollipop update and found it genuinely increases performance on his or her products. 1 proprietor of a number of Take note 4 handsets records which it worked well okay in one and never the others: “I have got one particular Take note 4 that took the up-date with no troubles, another 2 bricked and Kies could not retrieve the prior variation. The up-date delivered electronically but wouldn’t completely put in, i.e. a bricked phone. Really dissatisfied with this issue. We’ve been hanging around several weeks for this particular up-date and this is exactly what we get, some that can take the update yet others that won’t work at all. I seriously believe that Samsung and our companies will likely be mending this issue in the near future …”

Many customers have reported instances of service reps acknowledging the various problems, and AT&T and Verizon both issued small updates several weeks ago, presumably to tackle some of them, although samsung and its affiliated carriers have been officially silent on the issues. A lot of Galaxy S5 end users have related issues with the Android mobile phone 5. Lollipop update as well, and Samsung Great britain basically recognized those issues with a tweet appealing approaching mini-updates to fix them.

We’ll carry on and statement around the different troubles experienced by Samsung Galaxy Be aware 4, Note 3 and Note Benefit end users along with any reactions from Samsung and its affiliated providers. If you are experiencing similar problems with the update on your Samsung Galaxy Note device, please let us know in the comments below, meanwhile. One2more


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