Remarkable apple iphone 6 get into gives the Android mobile phone Lollipop encounter to iOS

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Perhaps you have wished to attempt Android without in fact ditching your phone in favor of a whole new Android device? There can be a method to accomplish that, as long as you continue to have access to an iOS version that could be jailbroken, as the app that’ll enable you to get an Android mobile phone encounter on your apple iphone 6 can’t be found in the Application Shop.

As posted on Reddit and imgur, Andrios is “an Android experience for iOS,” which aims to bring some familiar Android Lollipop UI elements to the iPhone, offering users a fake but gorgeous Android environment.

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The Andrios mobile app isn’t readily available for acquire at this time, and it’ll amount to somewhere between $3 and $4 once it is prepared. But its builders have been concentrating on it for just two months straight, discount creating an incredible user interface which enables the phone seem like an Android mobile phone-run handset. Oddly enough, converting in between Lollipop and KitKat methods is additionally an readily available solution.

As the screenshots reveal, Andrios brings over various Android elements you’ll recognize immediately, including the Google Search bar, the Action Bar buttons, and the Material Design palette. Other elements such as the Notice Heart, locking mechanism screen notices, alert functionality, energy menu, audio playback widget, quantity sliders and switches will also be demonstrated off of from the screenshot collection.

Certainly, this Andrios mod does not deliver a whole Android experience to iOS 8 or iOS 7, only a refreshed end user interfaced based on Google’s mobile platform. one2more

Some Andrios screenshots stick to listed below, with a lot more available at the source links.


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