Android Wear exactly what inferior table?

Today, Apple table almost stole the show. In fact, Apple published a table of functional, g Watch Android Wear equipment such as r would already haveincluding news, Live services, sports health data monitoring, etc. Only one thing Apple did and failed to doand that is Digital Touch Android Wear, which is sent between the closest people Sketch, Tap and rapid heartbeat.Featured image
This is no big deal to say, but light, user-friendly interactive takes a wearable device filled with life, into feeling. Especially in smart watches feature generally tasteless, experience poor circumstances. On present situation, smart watch is mainly used to hold b, Apple has an aura of brands to meet the needs of better loading b.
Digital Touch is not earth-shattering, but the future may be promising. Digital Touch Apple tables push one of three selling points, is a new rapid communicationif you zoom in to see this interesting communication, speculated that Apple intends to make the apples form a platform independent of the other device, undertakes apples table properties of personal communication tools, maybe Apple can do much more on the table in the communication.
In September last year when the concept first appeared in the public eye, very tacky feel to them. Share the beat, send a smile, painted a heart-shape or a hook, although these things straight but stamped hearts.
9to5google author Stephen Hall believes that die-hard powder say Google, Android Wear discount cool direction is now correct. But when they feel using the Apple table to communicate simple and fun, they‘ll realize what they missed. Apple‘s large base of loyal powder, Apple will soon appear on the wrist of millions of people. When the people begin to use the Apple table communicate wrist-to-wrist send smiley flowers share the heart of feelings, resist myself not to envy, is harder than one might think.
Android platform of Wear is not without a chanceit is more flexible, and a broader product line. Seize the opportunity to fill gaps in a timely manner, perhaps Android Wear could have done better. one2more

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