$ 1 billion Apple Watch or to create the next wave $ 1 billion startups

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InMarket CEO Di Baolai demonstrate the very Apple of the provide location based reminder Watch application rendering
According to foreign media reports, it was seen as early as March with Apple Watch match application the portion of people in the industry say, some amazing, even though he saw only the rendered image. Plus Apple has released details of the mode of operation of the watch, there is reason to believe that Apple Watch is going to be the next $ 1 billion consumer technology startups are taking off. Iphone 6 plus accessories
Of course, there are many commentators who predicted that the watch is going to fall flat or flat sales. Others, such as Morgan Stanley‘s analysts are very bullish on Apple Watch, it launched sales in the first year will reach an estimated 30 million, prompting the Apple upgrade 10% (over US $ 50 billion).
Apple has shown the snazzy smart watches. Since Apple Watch from a already launched iPod, iPhone, iPad and other popular hardware products company hands, poor hardware quality it should not get where it’s going.
However, for rise and fall even more critical to the success of the watch is its application. Apple is sitting on the world‘s most robust mobile application developer based on its more profitable platform for which developers generally are willing to the iOS system development and application. According to the company, said that in 2014, total, third party developers for Apple‘s app store App Store brings $ 10 billion in revenue.
So, not surprisingly, hundreds of companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and other Giants, might be in pursuit of the Apple Watch launched the first day of their watches to be in place. Last November, Apple has given developers early access to software development kit for their early application for Apple Watch to create.
Imagine the moment I walked into the grocery store shopping list will automatically appear on your watch is more convenient. Know your exact location of your watch, which can give you the development roadmap for shops within walking, so you don’t have to be business as usual-by-shelf to rummage the merchandise they want trouble.
Or, watch apply lets you instantly locate comprehensive knowledge of Wikipedia; there can be quietly reminding you when you’re wandering the city sights and attractions nearby.
These technologies actually are already available on your phone. But a technology popularized the key does not lie in what features users can get, but the simplicity of it.
Longitudinal analogy, mobile trend replace email SMS can be said to be behind the culprits. Email is the product of specific behaviors, including sitting in front of the computer at certain times, wrote in a reply to a specific number of ideas. BlackBerry email turned into some kind of message exchanges, touchscreen Smartphone is clearly making e-mail itself become obsolete, so that it is only one in many real time communications tools.
Context, it pushes belong to a particular time and place information, such as notification. The phone vibrates, and we took it from his pocket or handbag, see push notification, slide to unlock, waiting for the application to load and operate, and often needs to spend some free time and attention. The industry view, this experience, Foursquare and other locationbased social network has not been able to achieve a real reason to take off.
However, as with the Google Android system Wear, Apple Watch all those movements are compressed into one actionshort look at a glance. Watch shake when it at a glance, we can see the above brief information. Apple even further than Android Wear, as well as the long look display mode for a long time. Detects the user more time to stare at it for a long time, Apple will automatically activate a long look Watch mode.
Long look mode can display a variety of content, including photos and text, and buttons for further action. In addition, the simple touch screen, you can bring up the other cards or watches, to explore the detailed content. In this way, contextrelated information will quickly appear on the user‘s wrist, the watch itself according to user‘s attention long to provide short or long.
Therefore, wearable device has the potential to make the push notificationbased interactive mode is really up, increasing the amount of push notifications to receive user, while increasing the efficiency of their viewing.
Connecting the physical world
As a result, this kind of technology will be able to ease of communication, and will allow you not only to consumer online Internet and real world of the consumer line. This kind of amplified reality Google hopes its frequent frustrations of glass items to be able to do things.
Help with the change of behavior technology called iBeacon, it can be equipped with appropriate facilities and building of the watch by triangulation, positioning accurate to a few centimeters.
According to comScore estimates, first to deploy Apple iBeacon technology in the shop of InMarket has 32 million monthly active users. Related store or plain such as digital instore circulars and rewards but, according to founder and CEO tuode·dibaolai (Todd Dipaola), inMarket has this kind of in-store positioning technology.
InMarket technology the retailer has been able to accurately show the position you in the store. Coupled with the information in your shopping, inMarket retailers can bring a realworld version of Amazon‘s Web analytics tool, which help them attract customers to spend more.
Meanwhile, the map software company Esri developer anbuer·Kasai (Amber Case) wants to build a Wikipedia services driven by the location, and a Twitter location data Edition of new products.
Many people value Apple Watch to pay for services and health monitoring feature, but feels it has the potential to encourage users of significant changes in behaviour is, it links them and their mobile phones known as function of location and activity information. Just like the Apple iPhone, cause changes in behavior and social norms is that they find simple and enjoyable user experience. Such changes could bring real opportunity to build a $ 1 billion venture firm. One2more

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