Amazon will start a 2nd-generation Fire Phone Smartphone

Amazon Fire Phone Smartphone launched in 2014 best game no one played, dismal sales. Amazon doesn’t want to give up the Smartphone market, it‘s not Amazon founder Jeff BFeatured imageezos‘s style. Amazon actually now look likely to continue to market the 2nd generation Fire Phone Smartphone, 1th generation Fire Phone Smartphone and lessons learned.
Of course, Amazon needs to clear out inventories currently Fire Phone Smartphone, which Fire Phone smart phones valued at $ 80 million. Amazon may take a full year to clear inventory and, therefore, in 2015, Amazon can only continue to develop 2nd generation Fire Phone smart phone.
News sources reported that the Fire Phone Smartphone development team has started a 2ndgeneration Fire Phone Smartphone, and not Fire in the 1th Phone smartphone based on the research and development, but research and development from scratch. 1th generation Fire Phone Smartphone without careful consideration, incorrect prices, too much gimmicks and exclusive collaboration with AT&T is the reason for its failure. One2more

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