Well-known investors in startups: Apple Watch is doomed to failure

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Fred Wilson is famous for its startup investor who is partner of Union Square Ventures company. His industry made a lot of predictions for 2015, he thinks Apple, Apple Watch may not be successful. Wilson investments of companies including Twitter, Zynga and other large companies. He thinks Apple Watch compared to the iPhone and iPad accessories , it falls far short. IPhone and iPad will redefine the consumer electronics industry.
Wilson said: in the market for wearable devices, reality will not match as expected, Apple Watch will not have iPod, iPhone and iPad was wonderful. Not everyone want to put computer worn on the wrist. In 2015, the wearable device will continue to consume a lot of the company‘s financial, human, and time, just not so good results.
T-mobile CEO John Legere said earlier this week: Apple Watch Industry, is a very important product. Wilson also believes that Chinese millet will begin to enter the United States. For investors, the Wilson thinks the stock is still 2015 investment with a choice. One2more

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