Apple quietly modify the refund policy of the EU: the 14-day unconditional money back

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On December 30, according to foreign media reports, Apple quietly Monday on EU consumer refunds rules. Any user in the EU Member States, now may within 14 days unconditional cancellation orders purchased through iTunes, the App Store, and iBooks, but activated iTunes gift voucher does not apply.
These terms apply only to EU consumers, intentionally for digital goods downloaded to the device, and activating gift vouchers you cannot get a refund.
New consumer‘s Guide to the European Union entered into force in June this year. The law prohibits the online retailer did not explain the options box blank in advance for consumers and require companies to clearly state the costs. Fair refund policy in the consumer guide has detailed instructions. Apple original iPhone 6 accessories 7th refunds amended to read the 14th refund is associated with the new consumer‘s Guide.
But Apple after the refund policy is modified, did not officially make any statement. First to note about the change in regulations for Germany website iFun.
Is not yet clear why Apple for Ordinance changes to remain silent, but according to the consumer guide, if not properly inform users about changes in regulations, companies will also be given the appropriate punishment.
By press time, Apple has not commented on this message. One2more

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