With 33 figures Apple’s 2014

2014 technology industry continues to rapidly change, UPS and downs. Featured imageApple as worthy of Star enterprise, in this year, show a compelling product, marketing and innovation, also let some people sigh of disappointment.
This year, Apple 2 games event was held, has released 2 new cell phones, 2 tablets, a smart watch that One More Thing, in addition to Apple Pay, iOS 8, Swift language This year, iPad sales declines, iCloud revealed a large number of photos, Tim Cook announced the Cabinet
Also in this year, Apple‘s market capitalization to reproduce high: at the current stock price, Apple‘s market capitalization of about $ 665 billion, compared with 475 billion dollars at the beginning of this year, an increase of almost $ 200 billion. And this has benefited in iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the hottest sales, though people are still complaining about this phone looks than previous generations.
Computer World with 33 data summarizes the performance focus of Apple‘s fiscal year 2014. These data cover all of Apple‘s products. From these figures, perhaps we can see the 2015 Apple.
IOS and OS x
1. the fiscal year 2014, Apple sold more than 243 million iOS devices, and 19 million Mac computers, this is the highest sales in Apple‘s history.
2. traffic on OS x systems 41%,OS x Yosemite‘s adoption rate has surpassed Windows 8.
3. iOS devices that already have iOS 63% Assembly 8.
4. Tim Cook said in a recent financial conference call, currently about 10 million registered Apple developers worldwide.
5. in 2014, and in the case of PC market continues to shrink, Mac sales rose 9.3%.
6. during the past 34 quarters, Apple has the market share increase in 33 quarters.
7. in China, climbed 54% Mac sales were higher than last year.
8. the Apple is now one of the world‘s top five PC makers.
Enterprise market
9. corporate market, Apple accounted for 69% of the mobile device has been activated; app enterprises accounted for 88% users.
10.98% and 93% of the world‘s Fortune 500 companies Fortune 500 companies are using iOS devices.
11. United States during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, sales accounted for total sales of iOS devices 22% at the same time, Android devices accounted for more than 6%.
12. nine-tenths United States Enterprise officially supported Apple products–iPhone (91%), the iPad (89%), Mac (60%).
13. as of September, 2014 fiscal year iPhone sales are 169.22 million in 2013, representing a 150.226 million growth 12%.
14. in 2014 from 10 December, the top five best-selling smartphone, iPhone took four seats.
15. iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus the sales figure is 3:1.
16. the new iPhone in the first week of sales it sold 21 million, put the iPhone stack up, of Mount Everest height is 16.5 times.
17. in the United Kingdom, 5% of iPhone buyers 6 people before you are an Android user.
18. Apple‘s biggest rival, Samsung, Mobile Division is frequently reported a fall in profits.
19. the fiscal year 2014 iPad sales to 12.3 million, compared with 14.1 million sales last year fell.
20. in December, plans to buy a Tablet user, there are 55% people who wish to iPad.
21. in front of the iPad Air 2 is released, 73% United States consumers are interested in purchasing the device.
22. September 2014, the iPad has created a 79.9% of the North American plate flow.
23. the education market in North America, 90% share iPad.
24. fouryear iPad sales of us $ 237 million.
25. iTunes 7 straight years of revenue growth each quarter 10%, 2014 revenues of 18 billion dollars.
26.92% of App Store revenue from inapplication purchases.
27. Since the App Store launched, application downloads has more than 85 billion, however, which 23% only been used once.
28. in the mobile payments market, although programme monopoly based on Android devices, but users who pay $ 250 or more order, willing to use Apple users Pay is twice what other payment methods the user 3 times.
29. Apple Pay online for 72 hours over more than 1 million credit cards in the United States in which the service was activated.
One More Thing
30.100%. Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry predicted: every iPhone user will be Apple Watch users.
31. Apple there are 437 outlets worldwide, which stores a total of 1 million passengers a day of sightseeing.
32. Apple employees 70% males and 30% for females. Apple employees are black colour 7%, 11% white skin color, 15% for Asians.
33.3.3 million listened to Apple iOS users free U2 albumOne2more

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