RPX patent companies acquire Apple Microsoft holds multiple patents for Nortel

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On December 24, according to Reuters, RPX franchised risk management Corp said on Tuesday it will spend 900 million dollars buys a large number of patents from Apple and other companies to help reduce Smartphone lawsuits.
The deal includes more than more than 4,000 items by Rockstar Consortium company (Apple shares) of all patents. These patents in 2011, Nortel Networks (Nortel Network Corp) failed, 4.5 billion dollar package to sell part of the patent assets.
RPX deal ended last year by Rockstar to several Android Smartphone maker launched a patent dispute. Although the former pay for the patent‘s prices are far below the latter when the one-time investment when acquiring Northern Electric 6000 patents, but one of the most valued of more than 2000 patents already in the past few years, distributing them to Rockstar‘s core members, RPX, Chief Executive of yuehan·amusite (John Amster) points out.
In addition, Armstrong also revealed that trading contributed to the partly also stems from the Rockstar shareholders for patent holders to change the strategy. Rockstar the company expects will cease to exist after the transaction.
RPX was also born in order to purchase patents company. Mobile phone sellers can pay a fee for below the cost of legal proceedings to the RPX, in Exchange for the patent right.
As part of the deal, RPX to more than 30 companies authorized patent holders, including giants such as Google and Cisco. Later in November, the two companies reached a settlement with Rockstar on patent disputes.
Besides apples, Rockstar‘s shareholders include Microsoft, Sony, BlackBerry, and Ericsson.
Ericsson is happy with the conclusion of the deal, saying it is a good news for the industry as a whole.
Microsoft says deal is the current patent system to promote innovation, a showcase.
Apple, Sony, Google and BlackBerry all declined to comment on the news. One2more

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