Samsung decline in the US smartphone market share rose apple

December 7, according to foreign media reports, in the three months ending in October, Samsung Electronics Co. US smartphone market share increased by 0.9% to reach a total of 29.3%. However, despite Apple’s US smartphone market share fell by 0.5 per cent to 41.9 percent, the South Korean electronics giant position in the US smartphone market is still behind Apple.

October report from market research firm comScore‘s figures cover the new iPhone in October sales over the month, previously Apple’s market share is expected to be improved, but the result was unexpected. From research firm Kantar released a research report last week, Apple’s iPhone in the three months ending in October, the US market share increased by nearly 9 percentage points. However, according to Kantar, Apple September US smartphone market share of 32.6%, increased to 41.5 percent in October, 41.9 percent less than the alleged comScore.

The above figures from comScore‘s latest research report on the US smartphone market, the study period was three months ending in October, and the lifting of the percentage for the three months ending in July of this year.

In the operating system platform, Google Android‘s market share in the three months ending in October to enhance the 0.8% totaled 52.3%; Apple fell 0.5 percent this month, down to 41.9 percent now; Microsoft fell 0.1%, down to 3.5%; BlackBerry (BlackBerry) decreased by 0.2%, down to 2.1%.

The study, comScore reported that the three months ending in October, the top five smartphone applications are Facebook, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search and Google Maps. Five former quit the application is Pandora Media company’s Pandora Radio, the application‘s ranking slipped to Facebook Messenger application is located after the seventh. Gmail ranked eighth, Instagram ninth, while Yahoo‘s stock application exits the top ten positions.

Facebook social media applications in 18+ smartphone user base market share reached 72%, Google Play and YouTube share in mobile media user base has reached 51.9%, Google Search market share of 47.6 percent, The Google Maps to reach 44.5%. Twitter social media applications ranked fourteenth, the market share dropped from 21.7 percent to 20.7 percent in September. One2more


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