Rumored iPhone 6S debut in advance, bought 6 small partners feel then?

For the smart phone market early next year, in December will certainly appear fanciful assumptions and forecasts. Following Samsung (Samsung) Galaxy S6 rumors, Apple’s latest forecast (Apple) iPhone strategy also surfaced: a new mobile phone will be released and Apple Watch and listed together, and then the second paragraph of the new phone will be the customary at the press conference held in September 2015 debut.Featured image

That Apple might be a little crazy in the next year release two new machines iPhone ideas. This is an interesting idea, in the short term, Apple is likely Apple Watch along with the launch of iPhone 6S in the first half of 2015, then released iPhone 7 in the traditional end of September conference. But this would squandered user enthusiasm, with desperate taste in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus demand remains strong case, no reason to break the sales process.
Anyway, it made the following conjecture:

Apple worried that unless consumers to buy a new iPhone, or else they will not buy Apple Watch. Apple’s new phone will be released in September, consumers will have to wait until September to buy Apple Watch. So Apple will have to release a new phone, which is the supply chain are talking about a new model and a six-month release cycle reasons.

Putting aside the six-month release cycle products for Apple is the only favorable policies such nonsense. Not only Sony (Sony) of Xperia Android smartphones have abandoned this mode, return to the traditional annual release cycle, and Apple in smartphone sales have absolutely no trouble. Also, I do not believe that the warehouse will be filled not sell Apple Watch.

I think that Tim Cook (Tim Cook) under the helm of Apple might want to accompany Apple Watch with the launch of new iPhone. Apple Watch iOS may need to run high performance systems with the use of mobile phones 8 to provide a “magic” user experience. Upgrade to the new iPhone 4S system is probably not enough, iPhone 5 and 5S perhaps a bit reluctantly.

If so, then a significant increase in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus inventory and vigorously promoting these phones (perhaps in the form of a combination of sales discounts), than to infer that Apple will make a major policy change based on supply chain news (that is, taking six products release cycle) is much more reasonable.

I guess if you want, I think in the whole 2014, Tim Cook, Apple’s happy on the configuration of the product lines useful minor upgrade, instead of sweeping reforms –MacBook Air‘s processor speed and storage space has slightly raised, 16GB iPod Touch version is equipped with iSight camera, iPad Air with version 128GB.

This makes me think of a strange place the current iPhone product line: storage capacity.

Although the stick 16 GB version of the economic and psychological reasons, but when Apple Watch listed the iPhone 6 entry-level model up to 32GB, which not only make the product line a new look, but also to cross-sell to consumers Apple Apple Watch and a version of 32GB iPhone 6, but not seriously hurt those who have purchased the iPhone 6 (or as a Christmas gift to get), the result is iPhone 6 new model” instead of consumers find in just a few months later.

If early 2015 there will be a new” iPhone available, then it may be 32 GB version of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. One2more


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