Sony United States companies were “black” FBI to open check

United States Federal Bureau of investigation warned 1st, requiring companies to strict protection against network attacks. Although the Federal Bureau of investigation made no mention of attacks on the company name, but many network security analyst and corporate security officials have said, it is clear that Federal Bureau of investigation warned last week of Sony‘s hack events.
First devastating cyberattack
Japan Electronics giant Sony is located in United States, California Sony image entertainment hacker attacks in the last week, the company computer implant rogue software, the software then destroy the data on a computer, the company system subsequently collapsed.
1st to the Federal Bureau of investigation
Company security officials sent a total of 5 pages of secret files. Document, the Federal Bureau of investigation has provided some technical details of the rogue software, while providing treatment of how to deal with rogue software, reminded the industry once found the hack should be immediately contacted the Federal Bureau of investigation.
Documents say this rogue software once onto a computer, it will destroy all data on the computer hard drives, including the master boot record, causes a computer can’t restart. sony ps4 controller
This is in the United States local businesses suffered devastating cyberattack for the first time. United States tangmu·kaileman network security analysts believe that Sony‘s attack could be a watershed event, this kind of disruptive cyber attacks may more and more in the future, but also marks the geopolitical role of cyber attacks.
Computer system crashes a week
Sony video entertainment computer system attacked by hackers last week, resulting in company‘s internal mail system to a standstill for almost a week, affecting film release plans. The company spokesman said 1st has recovered a good portion of important equipment is in joint investigations with law enforcement agencies.
Similar attacks earlier in Korea and the Middle East. Image entertainment company although it is not clear at this stage how many computers had been hacked, but according to previous experience can tell, computers by black minority. According to Reuters, Saudi Arabia oil company has been subject to a similar attack, about 30,000 computers hard drive is clean.
Under normal circumstances, replace the hard drive, reinstall the system would solve the problem, but for large companies, and replace thousands of and even tens of thousands of computer hard disk, and restore the data from the old hard drive, the biggest cost is time. Sony image entertainment, for example, it is now the most important movie season began, when computer systems were damaged, no doubt will have to pay a high price.
FBI mention Korean characters
Federal Bureau of investigation documents made no mention of the attackers identity, but refers to find Korean characters in a rogue software program.
Computer Web site Re/code reported, Sony is looking into whether the hack event is scheduled for 25th of this month in North Hollywood comedy film interviews about. In the film script of the interview, two disguised as journalists of the United States Central Intelligence Agency spies sneaked into the Korean peninsula, used his interview to assassinate senior officials.
In June, after the trailer for publishing the interview, strongly accused North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said: the United States openly produce and disseminate harm North Korean leader plot films, is to cut down the spiritual pillar of the Korean army and people, is the most blatant acts of terror and acts of war must not be tolerated.
North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said: the United States attempts to use the rogue producer against the North Korean leader, this adventure provocation set off the Korean army and people of hate and anger If the United States Government default and the asylum film playback, the DPRK will resolutely take ruthless measures.
The same month, the North also letter to the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, on the film openly supported terrorism and giving publicity to an act of war, filed a protest.
The 1st of this month, a North Korean diplomatic corps accredited to the United Nations in answering reportersquestions, the spokesman said: I do not know Hostile forces do it all associated with North Korea. I sincerely suggest you wait and see!One2more

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