Comment: independently developed chip mobile phone brand is it absolutely necessary?

Mobile phone brand chip is not a new concept, because Apple and Samsung already have done. Since Huawei this year because the sea thinking unicorns 920 in the high-end models of fully developed by our chips and obtain good market response, as if suddenly stimulate the appetite of other companies, ZTE cell phone has launched their own processors, millet and core formed a joint venture company, mobile brands so be sure to research the chip yet?
On in city phone brand have launched or began research whether established himself of processor development team Shi, Samsung is began has rectification, this year second half of Samsung LSI sector boss substitutions, zhiqian Crystal round generation workers sector of boss landed his became LSI sector General Manager, new took office three put fire first burn to has United States, and Europe and the China city of IC design team, three a team respectively was CD, to said Samsung LSI United States, and Europe team do has what old Yao not clearly, Samsung Semiconductor Division in Hangzhou but once Galaxy development team of Note, Note 2 application processor, so a good team in the city, no one company is estimated as a baby, but Samsung had cut, and why?
Should say that all mobile phone manufacturers, Apple‘s processor strategy most clearly, all the new iPhone or iPAD using a processor to Apple sales of hundreds of millions of phones each year, minimizes the cost of application processors, and also ensures that the Apple handset configuration unique, you can configure Android phone how to compete, Apple is always in accordance with its own policy for product upgrades, self-willed and unique.
Phone manufacturers development chip benefits in Apple body get has full reflected, although has rumors Apple will development himself of base with chip, but old Yao think probability should is unlikely to, because relative application processor, base with difficulty to big have more, special communications technology upgrade to 4G zhihou, needs support of band increasingly more, technology increasingly complex, Apple inputs base with technology of necessity does not high, with Intel British fly Ling Ji with technology of perfect, reportedly Apple will introduce Intel as 2015 second baseband suppliers other than Qualcomm, Apple did not need input baseband technology, rather than vote to give the phone more features such as sensor area.
Another inputs chip brings huge returns of brand is Huawei, and Apple inputs chip field to application processor mainly different, Huawei Hass is highlight in base with or SOC development, 2014 Huawei relies on unique of Kirin 920 processor set off independent intellectual property core technology of frenzy, actually past years Hass has been was industry criticized, sea SI inputs base with can be described as ten years mill a sword, to last year just made breakthrough, base with technology for Huawei not only can for phone brings core technology, more is contact phone and Core business network equipment of bridge, so inputs chip development for Huawei of importance than application processor for Apple of importance, this is past ten years ren on Hass to money to money, and VIP to people not over left force support of key, fortunately Hass disappointing, finally in 2014 finally made breakthrough, and made has good of market response, believes future phone chip for Huawei of importance will increasingly high, chip design also will increasingly became Huawei phone and the network equipment of core competitiveness is one of.
Back see Samsung, although Samsung base with technology has been not clearance, past years Samsung in application processor Shang of inputs also is for Samsung brings good of proceeds, until 4G appeared zhiqian, should said since Institute application processor on Samsung phone of rise up to has is big of promoting role, even no AMOLED Panel role more big, because has has himself of application processor, Samsung high-end models will can in configuration Shang leading competition opponents, but Samsung after all no Apple of strength, Can let Qualcomm obediently only provides base with chip, past years even Samsung most scenery of when high-end products also can’t abandoned Qualcomm chip without, and due to no himself of OS, Samsung using Android also to followed Android of development strategy, cannot like Apple as can by himself of plans launched 64 bit of processor and achieved technology leading, Samsung first launched BADA operating system, later and launched Tizen OS, are is wants to out Android of bondage, Policy is not wrong, but the attempts were not successful.
Reportedly Samsung independent development of five die 13 frequency SOC has in mobile began test, description Qiji with technology has gradually catch, but the how positioning this paragraph SOC is is a problem, if positioning high-end Note series or s series, consumers may not be buy, if just development most advanced of application processor, Gao Tongji with may not be support, Samsung also may not be dare like Apple as abandoned Qualcomm SOC without, that is equal to will Qualcomm pushed to competition opponents, this is Samsung development independent chip had to faced of trapped Council. New Samsung LSI is also estimated at Department, General Manager of the United States, Europe, China, three teams eliminated the cause.
From Huawei, and Apple of experience can see, brand company phone and chip sector to formed benign interactive needs several conditions: 1, and has himself of core technology or core competition advantage, also development application processor, Samsung is no Apple worked, causes is Apple has himself of iOS, Samsung is must followed himself control can’t of Android;2, and to has must base of sales do based, Apple is all new development models used a paragraph processor, Huawei is that almost all the middle and high-end models feature the same SOC, are guaranteed to sell in order to maximize the share of chip development costs, or even have their own chip design technology, from a third party may not be lower purchasing costs, cannot form a positive interaction to your phone.
Samsung‘s high-end products faces the painful choice of chip with high throughput research, and at the low end is facing competition with select mediatek, Spreadtrum‘s programmes of mainland manufacturers if their own baseband technology hard and pain you can imagine in the chip sector.
Millet, in conjunction with the core recently set up a joint venture company became hot, many friends believed that the core technology considerably compared with the Hass, deduce, in conjunction with the core to form a joint venture company limited impact on millet‘s entire strategy, but it isn’t.
And Huawei Sprint in the high-end different, 2014 millet of total sales 60 million Department, 2015 years target 100 million Department phone, this also is Lei external announced of target, reportedly millet internal target should is 130 million Department phone, to achieved above target, actually products strategy no what secret: to more low-end expand, currently red meters series phone minimum phone for 599 Yuan Yuan, more low-end also is 499 or 399, this a price of phone strategy actually just and Alliance core zhiqian of positioning match, Kirin processor facing different high-end with Huawei, Remy must hope that thanks to the core chips improving millet at the low end, especially in the low-end market competitiveness, as the technology matures, more high-end extension. This price mobile phone sales have at least ensured, along with mobile phone performance improvement in these two years, MIUI to meet the system requirements, this Internet strategy in line with the Lei, so oldenthused like millet, in conjunction with the core Alliance, assuming, of course, the core team to force.
Last said said LG and ZTE, LG in phone strategy Shang somewhat like city brand, in Europe market through price war and Samsung started competition, Rob Samsung of market share, so operation properly using since Institute processor estimated will on brand produced benign reaction, after all LG phone sales has weizhi not lost Huawei, and millet and the Lenovo; ZTE chip technology good, currently of problems is this two years phone sales has fell trend, if no must number of sales guarantee, may will on chip development produced negative effects.
Mobile phone brands in chip development, not every company can benefit from Apple to date, Huawei benefited significantly, two years before Samsung benefit larger, see clearly in the coming years, millet strategy right, whether positive energy on the core effort, ZTE, LG is the need for observation for another two years.One2more

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