Google’s ambitions: Android 5.0 is designed to penetrate the enterprise market

Apple has long been dominant enterprise-grade mobile market, data released on November 10, Good Technology, and iOS systems accounted for 69% of the enterprise market sharFeatured imagee. July 2014, Apple exclusive cooperation agreement with IBM, with IBM‘s edge in big data and enterprise software, Apple will be available to businesses Custom Edition of iPhone and iPad. But as Google updates Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Android also has to force mobile enterprise market. Google and Apple battle for the mobile, are removed from the consumer market to the enterprise market.Android cell phone
Under the new system, Google not only in system security has been called the greatleap development of CAP more to tighten the open Android to fight Android fragmentation, as well as, Lollipop and showing Google vision for this new enterprise-class mobile market: Intelligent automation.
Safer system
We all know that Android is based on Linux development, but probably not much about Lollipop based on SELinux. SELinux, called Security-Enhanced Linux, is the most prominent new security subsystem on Linux ever. It will access control security far beyond Linux and UNIX. Google hopes to use this security system to eliminate people‘s impressions of Android platform malware infestations, which meet the requirements of enterprise user security for mobile devices.
Secondly, Google can be realized for the first time a user runs through the Lollipop system environment, it is extremely important to corporate users, business users want mobile phone user‘s private data with enterprise applications, data and applications stored separately. This mechanism has long been running on the BlackBerry for years, but it is the first time Google on the Android uses, considering the market share of Android, BlackBerry might have to fear.
The other hand, similar to the iOS and Windows Phone, Google for Lollipop by adding kill switch–Factory Reset Protection (reset factory protection) option to logged in Google account, when the user when a device is lost, you can realize remote control, deleting all personal information on the phone and all used, protect the data contents leaked.
Fragmentation resistance attempts
Would like to know how serious is the fragmentation of Android, check out the Google data, in addition to the latest in Lollipop, but currently, there are five different Android system:
Employees within the enterprise may be using Android phones running Android system with various and strange things but, for enterprise mobile device management, this is a disaster.
Google has apparently been aware of the problem. First of all, Google changed the previously updated by carrier or cell phone manufacturer pushed systems approach, starting from the Lollipop, all important system updates only through Google pushes Play Sevice in order to ensure the progressive unification of Android system level security features.
Next, Google also to third party vendors for enterprise mobile device management (such as Citrix, MobileIron) hostility. Previously, Google does not allow these manufacturers for Android development tools and applications for managing the enterprise mobile devices, these developers working only with Android handset manufacturers, mobile management applications are customized for different models, which from a certain level of contribution to enterprise management of Android fragmentation. Now, take advantage of the new open systemlevel API, developers don’t have to confine themselves to one model or manufacturer, but rather focus on application development for systems management, greatly reduce the cost of development.
New and impressive features
Lollipop with a number of systemlevel new features, these new features are not only significant for individual users also would win over more enterprise customers:
Default encryption: Lollipop into the default encryption mode, all mobile devices are upgraded to the new system, you can encrypt the data. Data encryption is very common in the enterprise market, but Google apparently want the user recognizes the importance of encryption from the outset, in other words, only responsible for their own data, to be responsible for corporate data.
Smart unlock: Smart unlock create a new safety management approach. Compared to iOS on the fingerprint recognition, smart unlock lillipop provide more options, includes not only the biological characteristics such as face recognition, also allow trusted NFC, Bluetooth devices, such as bracelets, cell phones, flat-panel, and so on. Which will provide business users, mobile security management with greater convenience.
Screen fix: simply put, after you turn on this feature, the user can run any application interface fixed at this time, only active in this application, and multitask keys Home key doesn’t work, unpinned have to enter a password or a smart unlock. This feature of certain industries, such as retail, exhibition industry is a good news.
Mobile trend is still emitting huge dividends. From creating experience for individual users to create value for business users, Apple and Google have entered a new corporate-level battle. Apple releases a new generation of bigscreen iPhone and ally after IBM, Google launch this from idea to experience an innovative operating system, will make a new round of mobile is becoming more entertaining, the next area of enterprise mobility, and what happens?One2more

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