Count Nokia N1 flat familiar iPad Mini shadow

Featured imageOn November 18, Nokia will sell its equipment and Service Department, $ 7.2 billion to Microsoft, in less than 7 months introduced its first device running Android Tablet N1. Just a few days ago, Nokia has just announced plans to license its brand to other manufacturers use, as well as on the official Twitter posted photos of a mysterious black box. Millet tried to imitate Apple design iPad mini, Nokia N1 is also equipped with a 7.9-inch screens, even the resolution is the same 2048×1536. Nokia also chose to use a full aluminum processing and manufacturing processes. Although similarity is also more than that.
Camera, the careful layout of buttons and headphone jack back of Nokia N1 and iPad mini looks almost exactly the same, even in the bottom of the device has the same speaker grille. Looks like Lightning interfaces actually is the first product of the reversible USB connectors type c. Nokia N1 looks like Apple iPad running Android mini Nokia actually made some improvements to the Apple Tablet: N1 the thickness of only 6.9mm, weighs 318 grams, more lighter and thinner than iPad mini3. Nokia is proud of many design details, such as location of camera and lens curvature coincides with the corner of the tablet.
The only difference is that with the iPad mini N1 has no home button, the hypotenuse, and the Apple logo, and even color schemes is the N1 uses the aluminium and ash. N1 bumpers also like Apple in the Smart Case. Nokia N1 website seems to make people feel like I went to N1 quadcore Intel Atom processor 2.4GHz, 2GB and 32G storage space in memory, while the rear camera is equipped with 8 million pixels, and frontfacing camera 5 million pixels.
Nokia N1 equipped with Android 5.0 lollipop operating system, Nokia launched the Tablet PC is designed to promote the development of its Android Launcher z. We conducted an investigation into the Android tablet on the market, did not find any good product, head of Nokia z Launcher buluke·yidun (Brook Eaton) said. We had a beautiful simple z Launcher, why we don’t have the idea to build an Android devices? Z Launcher mobile version can be found on Google’s app store, but z Launcher version of the tablet will only appear on the N1.
Foxconn and Nokia join forces to make the N1, and industrial design, the Nokia brand, and z Launcher software licensed to Foxconn. Nokia‘s intention is clear, they intend to allow third parties to manufacture products on behalf of Nokia, and Nokia is no longer on its own production of these products. Nokia plans to expand in China by selling at $ 249 N1 launch date sometime in the Chinese lunar new year (February 19), then in Russia and some European countries.

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