Secret Apple employees exclusive iOS app

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Now Apple‘s AppStore has nearly 1.3 million software applications, from media players, music streaming, newsletters to your e-mail, calendar, and press everything. As long as you can think of related to the daily life, basically can be found in Apple‘s app store. There are a lot of people don’t know, however, there are some special iOS application is not going to appear in the AppStore because only Apple employees will be eligible to use them.
After hackers iOS code, in-depth research, as well as some accidental exposure incident, now lists only Apple employees can use foreign mediaat iOS users of iOS application in AppStore search inside these applications. Foreign media said that these special application is basically Apple employees to track user data, checking AppStore game or test the stability of the internal environment, and so on.iphone 6 accessories
Nowadays these have been found to be Apple employees, dedicated a total of 12, which are:
The Daily Download
Red Zone Mobile

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