Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Overview

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Finally, DL is posting its Samsung Galaxy Note 4 review. Sure, it may be late, but as the saying goes, better late than never. We have now invested several weeks with Samsung’s huge leading unit and are comfortable with now organizing our last viewpoint out in to the wide open world.

With Yahoo and google on the verge of delivering its own great-stop phablet product from the Nexus 6, you might be attempting to choose which contact you should go with. To help you arrived at a choice, we tried to concentrate on a few select regions. They are the following.

Initially, does Samsung’s TouchWiz UI bring deserving enhancements to the Android Operating System around Google’s basic vanilla version found on the Nexus 6? Secondly, the Be aware household has been known for having wonderful battery lifespan. Using its 5.7″ QHD Very AMOLED exhibit, can the Take note 4 also satisfy all those higher requirements from the battery power department? Lastly, Note gadgets have already been bringing the high temperature within the cellular picture taking section. Does the Take note proceed that pattern?

They are just a few of the subjects we wanted to leap into.

The following is our Galaxy Note 4 assessment.

The Good


For the smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is packaging directly up heating. Within the hood, the unit is run with a Qualcomm-created Snapdragon 805 central processing unit clocked at 2.7GHz, as well as 3GB of RAM. Other noteworthy specs feature a gorgeous 5.7″ QHD (2560×1440) Very AMOLED exhibit, 16MP rear-dealing with digicam with OIS, 3.7MP front-experiencing digital camera, heart monitor, fingerprint scanner, 4G LTE connections, microSD slot, Bluetooth 4.1, 3220mAh battery power, Usb 2 . 0 on-the-go, and Android mobile phone 4.4 out from the package.

As I sometimes say for a device of this caliber, on paper, it is an absolute beast. However, as we tend to find out with other Samsung devices, the incredible specifications don’t necessarily translate into fantastic real-world usage. With this much computing power, the Note 4 should be at the top of the list for anyone concerned with the specs their device is rocking, though more times than not, TouchWiz seems to put a damper on overall performance and multitasking abilities.


Samsung unveiled among its greatest mobile phone displays up to now around the Galaxy Note 4; a 5.7″ QHD Very AMOLED screen using a pixel-for each-” quantity of 515. With similar quality of other QHD shows on the market, simply being 2560×1440, it is obvious that it is among the very best-seeking sections to ever grace a cell phone.

However, we still find that discovering content to take advantage of such a display is rather hard to do. Most video clips online usually are not streamed in that great of top quality, and Netflix undoubtedly will not be allowing end users to flow that type of press around its servers. When several YouTubers could submit in 1440p , the choices are still very restricted. For now, it would appear that users really are restricted to just wallpapers and also other miscellaneous content, transforming QHD shows into much more of a dialogue starter, not much of a necessary attribute.

Although which may appear as form of unfavorable, the Galaxy Note 4 does include a screen with a lot of pixels, in fact it is absolutely wonderful. Samsung’s Awesome AMOLED gives off very vibrant and excellently soaked hues, by no means showing dim or washed out. For playing games, I would not ask for anything else in my pocket. And then for seeing Youtube . com video clips or perhaps streaming the internet, it can do not get a lot better in the observing department.


Similar to the Galaxy Alpha, Samsung provides a fresh metal and clever style to the Galaxy Take note 4, and I have to admit, I am just keen on this change. Using the chamfered corners and remarkably ergonomic really feel, in spite of the larger size, Samsung is taking a step in the proper direction of producing the Note selection more pleasing to purchasers. Or lord forbid are still carrying around the aging Note 2, then the Galaxy Note 4 will more than likely feel right at home in your hand, if you currently own a Galaxy Note 3.

What astonished me is that as i have grown to be much more employed to utilizing a small product (Galaxy Moto and Alpha X) the Note 4 is not going to feel very or extremely large in my hands. Samsung performed a fantastic job at reducing back again the bezels around the 5.7″ screen, maintaining the affect it provides on your fingers not very awful. Although it may still be considered a two-given device, working with it with one particular fingers is not impossible.

Digital camera

Using the affixed 16MP rear-facing digital camera offering optical image stabilization (OIS), the Galaxy Notice 4 video camera experience is probably the finest mobile phone taking photos activities money can find. Highly-detailed shots, though the sensor inside is quite powerful, capable of not only taking large shots. Normally the one unscientific check I actually do would be to go on a photograph, then find out how much depth there is following I zoom in around the image every one of the way. The Note 4 rankings extremely high on this examination, particularly when compared with other devices on the market such as the Moto X or perhaps the HTC One (M8).

As for the interface when interacting with the camera app, it is just as you would find on all other Samsung devices, which is not bad at all. It is easy sufficient to make use of, with specialized control keys for snapping shots, starting video lessons, and obtaining your Gallery. Using one aspect of your exhibit, Samsung gives cutting corners to actual-time outcomes you may utilize whilst snapping photographs, along with adjust the camera’s configurations.

While the Galaxy Take note 4 offers plenty of features and modes out from the box, Samsung enables users to obtain more via the Samsung applications store. As an example, you may download a Athletics Photo setting, Encircle Picture setting, and much more. The ability to just download them if you want them is a nice change from how Samsung used to preload all of the modes, taking up precious storage on your device.

You will need two hands, undoubtedly, as for the size of the phone while shooting pictures. However, even though setting your hands up just right may take time, you don’t need long to take the perfect shot. The car concentrate and guide concentrate is incredibly quickly, and also the shutter speed can also be quite speedy. I discovered that if taking pictures the puppies or an overhead plane, the photos came out all right. I also photographed my 1-years old niece who can’t end moving, and people photographs became available excellent also.

Below, We have a few examples to share with you, used in certain distinct conditions, which includes normal lights, indoor lights, and evening time with some light fixture posts providing an orange tint. Below the thumbnails, you are able to see the total solution photos, helping you to carry out my elegant focus test.One2more


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