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The United States on Monday afternoon, was already in Asia Tuesday morning in Asia than the United States saw his early, on the use of new technologies and applications, as well. Google Southeast Asia, said Andrew McGlinchey, head of product management, for his work in Asia for many years and we are very proud of him.
In the view of Andrew McGlinchey, Asia is not only a mobile first (mobile) of the world, but also distinguishes it from other regional markets, Mobile only (just moved) of the worldwhere, if people want to network, preferred that mobile terminals, even people in areas where the only option is the mobile terminal. Because of this, there are more business opportunities in Asia, there are many combination of cutting-edge technology and unique applications of the local culture, to some extent, the Asian is synonymous with future.
Asia‘s unique qualities, and is especially important for Google is looking for new growth plans. Demand for mobile connectivity, smart phones is booming Asia-Pacific market, mobile ecosystem are being built could help Google find new and strong growth opportunities?
Crisis show on finding a new point
While Google‘s revenue growth continues, cash still flows quicker, but the latest third quarter, Google‘s very profitable search advertising business has been showing signs of slowing. This makes Google must be stepped up to find new sources of growth.
Google has encountered stealth ceiling restricting the growth of major companies hazard, so Google is trying to get into new markets beyond the search. Google CEO Larry Page clearly stated that in the near future, including pharmaceuticals, smart home, driverless cars, innovation, are Google‘s moves in search of new markets.
These new technologies are inseparable from the mobile network, so mobile first and the Asia-Pacific region with huge potential, is likely to become the most important in Google‘s growing regional markets.
In the eyes of Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, although the United States still was a lot of innovations are occurring, but the next generation of successful software company is very likely to occur in Asia, and to become a global company. Eric Schmidt on the grounds that: size of the Asian population is huge, and there are more and more people begin to buy smartphones, local network coverage and connection speeds in rapid progress.
It (Asia) is a rapidly growing market. Eric Schmidt said.
In fact, mobile Internet penetration in Asia than in Europe and America. Statistics from Google Consumer Barometer, global Smartphone penetration rate highest in two countries (Singapore, and Korea) are in Asia, and a number of Asian countries (such as Malaysia, Indonesia, mainland China, Hong Kong) smartphone penetration is more than a PC, by comparison, many countries in Europe and also at a stage of PC penetration rates higher than a Smartphone.
Mobile first in the Asian market
Mobile Internet world, many trendy devices, applications, and are the first in Asia, fire up, before gradually accepted by the Europeans, such as bigscreen smart phones, tablet computers, and so on.
In the United States, many people are migrating from PC to feature phones to smartphones, while in Asia, a lot of people are going online using the Smartphone. Google Play Asia-Pacific Director of engineering Chris Yerga believes that affects the development of intelligent devices and applications in Asia.
According to the statistics of the World Bank, 2013, with 2.25 billion people in Asia, including 279 million fixed broadband subscribers, while the number of mobile phone users reached 2.22 billion, compared with 2000, mobile phone users grew by more than 8 times.
Statistics, according to Canalys, Smartphone shipments in Asia Pacific to 673.7 million units a year, shipped more than 1.8 million units per day, Smartphone shipments year on year growth rate in Asia is 30%. In the Americas, Smartphone shipments 283.8 million units a year.
Even more special is that in a number of Asian countries, almost unique equipment is used for access to the Smartphone. For example in Malaysia, about 35% of Internet users who use only cell phones, in Viet Nam, and Singapore, and Korea, Hong Kong, this figure is 24%, 16%, and 14%, respectively.
Dependence on mobile is more of India, Google Consumer Barometer data shows that India about 85% of Internet users will get to use the phone instead of laptops and other devices.
In addition, judging from the mobile content consumption, Asia is also leading in Europe and North America. Data show that in Asia, people use smart phones to watch video of the highest ratios in the world, for example, China has approximately 82% smartphone users watch video on their phones, Korea about 81% people use their phones to watch videos while in the United Kingdom, and Germany, this just 61% and 53%.
Listen to music, too. In Viet Nam, approximately 84% people use smart phones to listen to music, Thailand was 70%, compared to France 46%, United Kingdom 44%.
Play games on Smartphones, is more popular in Asia. In China and Thailand, and about two-thirds of users play games on a Smartphone, and in Germany, this ratio is only one-fifth.
These data suggest that for many smartphone users in Asia, mobile phones are far more than just phones. In addition to the basic function of communication, as well as photos, watch videos, listen to music, play games, Asian people have become accustomed to using mobile phones for electronic shopping. For example in India, nearly 50% of online shopping is done on the phone, even though most of them use cash on delivery approach.
Tentacles sneak in growth in Asia
To strong demand for mobile connectivity in Asia under its new growth plan, Google is trying to make it here for more people to use the mobile Web, and then use Google‘s technology and services.
We launched Android September One phone for about 100 dollars, in India for sale. If the past in the United States sold the same functionality and configuration of mobile phones, maybe 20 times, times the price, and now after the removal of price barriers, the penetration of smart phones will increase substantially. Andrew McGlinchey said, in addition to Android One, these markets there will be more and more cheap smartphones.
Apart from accelerating beyond the popularity of smart phones in Asia, reduce the cost of Internet access is an essential step. Andrew McGlinchey believes that in many regions of Asia, the Internet is still very expensive, so it needs through a variety of ways to reduce the cost of mobile phone network.
We in India introduced a lightweight search service, providing fast loading, in the case of slow Internet speed, we provide textonly and does not provide a picture. Andrew McGlinchey said, Google hopes to have launched such a service in more areas, to improve the Internet experience and lower costs.
Started by searching for Google, the Internet experience is essential, to allow more users to use Google‘s various services need to have better network protection, as Eric Schmidt says, mobile phones will become most important to mobile devices in the future, but only if there is a good network platform.
In order for Asian and even global users for faster, more reliable Internet service, and allow yourself to benefit from this, Google chose to build undersea optical cable arrangement.
Two months ago, the news that Google is ready to work with China Telecom, China Mobile, Japan cooperation six telecom operators such as KDDI, to invest $ 300 million, the construction of the FASTER” high-speed submarine cable. This undersea fiber-optic cables connecting Japan coastline, two locations and United States West coast city.
It is understood that this isn’t the first time Google built undersea cables. Prior to that, Google has invested UNITY in 2008 and 2011, respectively, and SJC submarine fiber optic cable system, which connected United States and Japan, which connects seven countries in Asia.
Mobile first is mobile only Asian, have a powerful network infrastructure, Google‘s products have a prerequisite for fast and stable operation, Google also has laid a solid foundation for yourself fall, seeking more opportunities for growth.one2more

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