Windows Phone Italy sales ultra iPhone Nokia pulls

NetEase tech news on November 5, according to foreign mFeatured imageedia reports, according to market research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech‘s latest report, quarter ending September this year, Windows Phone smartphone sales in the five major carriers in Europe have accounted for 10%, which in Italy even beyond the iPhone. In addition, Nokia and Windows Phone portfolio in emerging markets are also on the rise.
Across Europe, the mobile operating system Android cellphone is still one of the most dominant market share reached 71.9%, up 4.2% from a year earlier.
Windows Phone growth is largely due to Nokia‘s sales growth, the series of smartphones have made big strides in Europe, while in Latin America and other emerging markets are also great signs.
As smartphones in developed country markets has been so crowded that emerging economies are now device manufacturers the best development opportunities. Kantar Worldpanel Director of ComTech strategic insight into duominike·sangnibo (Dominic Sunnebo), said Nokia‘s leading Latin American market for many years, although its popularity declining fate with Symbian, but now the company has the opportunity to regain market position of big brother. Most Latin American consumer of Nokia feature phones still in use, and upgrade to an entry-level Lumia Smartphone seems like a very logical choice. Price is still the main obstacle to developing markets, cheap Lumia 520 will opened the door to smartphones for many people.
In the United Kingdom, Windows Phone accounted for a market share of 11.4%. Android is still the operating system field leader, the market share of 58.4%, BlackBerry falling to just 3.1%, while Apple‘s iOS fell from 1% to 27%, but the latter is expected to be strong during the Christmas quarter.
August is the traditional low season for Apple because consumers are waiting for the release of new models, and in September alone, strong sales of the iPhone by the end of 5s and 5C before the data can compensate for the vacancy. The full impact of the new iPhone will be reflected over the Christmas period, when iOS market share is expected to be in the United Kingdom and the United States and Australia and other markets rebounded strongly. Sang Nibo said.
The Chinese market has been increasingly occupied by the surge in Android devices, the operating system accounted for 81.1% of the total smartphone market, up 14.6% from a year earlier. Local manufacturers during the recent sales survey shows up to 44% shares, compared to only 30% in the same period last year. Huawei, millet, domestic brands such as Lenovo and cool particularly welcomed by markets outside big cities in China, xiaomi mi4 which device has a higher cost than international brand products discount .
Chinese consumers will buy smartphones spend vast sums of money, with some even salary expenditure of up to 70% for the purchase of new equipment. In such a high expense ratio, Chinese consumers will want to obtain the most cost-effective product, so local brands of high profile, lowprice strategy is becoming more and more choice. The situation for international brands are releasing a clear signalthat emphasized the value of Chinese consumers, priced entry-level products will no longer have to compete with local brand strength. Sang Nibo said.
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