IPhone in China 6/6 Plus Ultra number one day in advance please

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On October 11, version of the Apple iPhone in China 6/6 Plus yesterday to officially open the book, according to Fortune magazine‘s report shows, including China Mobile, China Unicom and telecom operator of three Apple cooperation, during a sixhour bookings of more than 1 million units.
In addition to the three carriers, but including cat authorized Apple flagship stores and online retailers, Jingdong Mall has also started in advance. As of today at 8 in the morning, iphone 6 casing Jingdong iPhone 6 reserve number more than 4.6 million iPhone Plus6 reservation number of nearly 4.8 million. Cats book released for quantity, but you can be sure, the Chinese version-iPhone 6/6 Plus Ultra number one day in advance please.
On October 17, the iPhone 6/6 Plus will start in mainland China, has now ordered the first batch of users, will be available from 14th and 17th of this month continues to receive shipments of new products. However, according to Apple‘s website information, iphone accessories disoucnt some models of the iPhone 6/6 2-3 weeks Plus shipping time.
Apple has confirmed that the first weekend of the new iPhone‘s launch had already sold 10 million units, and offered for sale has sold more than 21 million units within the first two weeks.

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