New Sony Cell phone Functions Ps 4 Remote control Perform

On October 23, Sony is discharging its Z3 smart phone, which will help you to engage in internet streaming PS4 controller video games out and about.

The Z3 is an element of your new brand of Sony smart phones that will feature Sony playstation 4 remote play. To use your Z3 telephone being a Ps streaming gadget, you’ll need to have a DualShock 4 controller, PSN bank account, and have the gaming console as well as your telephone about the same wi-fi network.

Sony can also be releasing an aftermarket accent called the Game Handle Attach which enables you to dock your phone on top of a Twin Jolt 4 for simplicity. You’ll also be able to use the Z3 to view your friends enjoy game titles, purchase game and products in the PlayStation Retailer, and then use it being a handheld control to your PS4.

Resource: Sony via Polygon
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Using this type of internet streaming features, in addition to Sony playstation Now, it’s crystal clear that Sony is get yourself ready for a planet by which online games live on every gadget, not merely devoted activity consoles. There’s only one disadvantage to this announcement: because you need a DualShock controller, you won’t be able to use the waterproof Z3 to play PS4 games underwater.


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