Microsoft Xbox One today-listed retailer said sales are looking forward to

In waiting, bouncing checks, pricing and so on, UPS and more than half a yearFeatured image later, Chinese players finally ushered in the Xbox version.
Beijing morning news journalist yesterday learned from the retail channel, as the game‘s first game after the lifting of the ban in China, Microsoft Xbox One generally available on September 29. Up to now, Beijing reservation is two thousand or three thousand people. Beijing suning‘s staff told the Beijing morning news reporter, Xbox sales, retailers are looking forward to it!
Lowest price 3699yuan
Beijing morning news reporter seen on the Microsoft official store, Xbox One is divided into two versions: family fun Edition without the Kinect sensor, priced at 3699; first limited edition with the Kinect sensor, and randomly comes with 4 classic game comes up, at   4299yuan. Also, subscribed users before September 29, the first limited edition, also will receive 2 additional free classic games.
For gamers, waiting for the Xbox days can be described as twists and turns. Earlier this year, the State Council concerning the adjustment of Shanghai‘s free trade laws and policies document confirmed for the first time within the free trade area in 2000 ban on games of the suspension, reopening closed 13 years of domestic game machine market. One time, manufacturers such as Sony and Microsoft have issued in China program. Since then, the threshold, hardware prices and other news on policy views. On September 20, just 3 days left from the planned release, Microsoft said in a statement on its official weibo decided to adjust the Xbox launched the One line. Approval without guessing and let players made another among the men.
Retailers store setting experience
From the current disclosure of information, Xbox One country impose regional restrictions from the software level, cannot be run without the departments audited certification of gaming content. Sources also said the line Xbox One games uses a one-time activation code cannot be secondary trading. In addition, 249 games price caps can be accepted by consumers, have yet to be market tested.
However, the retail channel sales of the Xbox One is very promising.
United States Senior Vice President Li Juntao said effects of blockade by the console ban 13 years ago, domestic markets require a restart of the game. GOME has major stores in the country to establish the Xbox One experience zone, zone using intelligent largescreen, 4k TV for optimal viewing experience, wireless WiFi signal coverage is also provided for Xbox One players Internet experience environment.
Gehua cable is selling Xbox only sync One cable operator in the North. In order to promote Xbox, Gehua launched Gehua bundled product and Xbox One.Ps 4 controller
Insiders say in this mobile for the first time, people are spending time and money is the most games. Data show that up to now, Microsoft has asked retailers to ship 5 million Xbox One. Sony also announced that it had sold 7 million units to customers the PS4 and dualcshock 4 controller . Continued sales of game software, is a huge business opportunity.

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