Greatest iphone 6 extras: 6 vital bonuses for Apple’s new handset

Apple’s phone 6 went on sale next to the phone 6 Plus on Sept . 19, and that we consider it’s practically the very best handset that money can purchase.

But a smartphone alone isn’t always adequate to the early on adopters, and with this in mind, we have now rounded up the best circumstances, add and covers-ons designed for the product at the moment.

1. Formal Apple Silicon Circumstance

Normally, you can’t get it wrong with the recognized Apple inc case in relation to handset synergy.

The silicone include is available in red, pink, green, blue, white and black, and suits comfortably on the volume switches, potential button and curves in the iPhone 6 accessories.

The microfibre liner inside will help protect your handset, while the soft, soft-feel finish of your silicon external can feel pleasingly easy to touch.

2. Wise Stand 712

It will serve iPhone 6 charge  owners just as well, although the Smart Stand 712 dates back to the days of the iPhone .

Actually, they’re likely to get a lot more use out of it, considering the fact that the handset’s 4.7-in . exhibit is way better loaded to get a excellent Netflix or BBC iPlayer program.

This could just be the most useful piece of aluminium that £9 can buy.

3. Zagg InvisibleShield HDX

The iPhone 6’s display may be considerably tougher than the screen on the iPhone 5S Screen protector

, but it isn’t the sapphire glass offering we were hoping for.

If you’re the active type, and the Zagg InvisibleShield HDX will reinforce your display with military-grade might, with this in mind, an extra layer of screen protection never goes amiss, especially.

This multiple-level display protector triples the iPhone 6 screen’s shatter resistance and self-repairs shallow marks, all without the need of shrinking lumination or colour high intensity.You can get the iPhone 6 Accessories right now from one2more .


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