Disassemble display lowest cost $ 200 iPhone 6 gross margin would be about 70%.

According to tech blog Re/code reported that the teardown analysis report shows Apple iPhone 6, including components and labor cost between $ 200 to $ 247.
Larger screen iPhone 6 Plus, version with low cost price of us $ 216, 128GB for $ 263. These estimates from market research firm IHS, the data include product Assembly due to labor costs, each unit labor costs between $ 4 to $ 4.50.
IPhone 6 starts at $ 649 to $ 849, iPhone 6 Plus $ 749 to $ 949. Storage space at every level, Apple charges $ 100. However, compared to version 16GB version 128GB storage space cost just $ 47 per cent higher.
Therefore, the gross margin is slightly higher than that of the 128GB model 16GB, a difference of about 1%: the former gross margin of about 70%, which is about 69%.
Apple‘s pricing strategy seems to be to encourage you to buy more storage space models. Monitoring the dismantling of the IHS analyst andelu·lasiweile (Andrew Rassweiler) points out. He estimates that Apple 1GB Flash memory costs about 42 cents, its Flash memory devices from multiple companies, including micron (Micron) and SK Hynix.
New iPhone gross margins are similar to the previous two generations of iPhone, but higher than the earlier versions. Teardown analysis revealed that launch in 2012 iPhone 5 and the launch of the iPhone last year 5s’s gross profit margin was about 69%. Last year launched lowerpriced iPhone 5C gross margin is closer to 68%. In contrast, the introduction in 2007 of the first generation iPhone gross margin of about 55%.
Two new iPhone is the most expensive component displays and touch screen. IPhone display iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cost $ 52.50 and $ 45, respectively, they are from Japan and LG Display Display. 4.7-inch models display costs higher than the iPhone 5s 4-inch display only $ 4.
Dow Corning is still an Apple supplier, it provides Apple with Gorilla Glass glass to protect the outer layers of the display. Lasiweile said precisely, two new iPhone uses Gorilla Glass is Corning‘s thirdgeneration products 3. Preceded by rumors that Apple might switch to Sapphire as the outer layers of the display, using material from GT Advanced Technologies. Lasiweile said that the iPhone iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is used Sapphire, but only to protect the main button and rearfacing cameras. (Apple Apple Watch smart watch is indeed using the Sapphire screen.
Chip component
New iPhone Apple design is the main processor of the A8. Lasiweile said he sees in the dismantling of the processor by the Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company (TSMC), the company was one of the few capable of producing 20 nm chip. Apple is Samsung as the chip manufacturer, although tensions set off globally in patent fight. Led the company to be part of the relationship between the two chip production to Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing company. Lasiweile said that TSMC take on Apple chips around 60% capacity, the Samsung is still responsible for Apple production in the rest of the 40%.
IHS estimates that A8 Processor and the iPhone many synergistic processor sensor information costing $ 20, $ 3 higher than the iPhone 5s A7. The A8 A7 has more processing power than, a smaller volume of about 13%. He said. Typically, chip volume reduced, in the case of equal computing power will reduce consumption of electrical energy. Apple has also increased compute performance. It switched to 20 nanometres process is a very novel and cutting-edge technology. Lasiweile, said Apple did, in addition to switch suppliers, this is a big step for it.
Two new features of the new iPhone is that adding NFC (near field communication) chip, the chip is designed to support Apple Pay mobile payment functionality. Chip manufacturers NXP Semiconductors is Apple‘s main NFC chip manufacturer; another company AMS AG for it produced another NFC chip, the chip is called NFC booster, used to enhance signal range and performance. Preferred NFC NXP is basically the phone chip supplier. However, the chip from AMS AG we have never seen before. Lasiweile said.
IHS both NFC chip into the user interfaces and sensors category, these costs add up to $ 22. The category of other chips, including: audio chips from Cirrus Logic from InvenSense accelerometer for detecting mobile chip, and another from the Bosch Sensortec accelerometer. We are not sure why the new iPhone will have two accelerometers. Lasiweile, says another possibility is used to improve accuracy. He said that Bosch also provides testing high pressure sensor, a feature not seen in the old iPhone.
New iPhone other vendors include chip company Broadcom and Qualcomm, which provide WiFi and Bluetooth for the Apple chips, chip connected cellular phone network, as well as the matching power management ICS. one2more

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