Destiny’s Ps Special Dust particles Palace Will get Movie Walkthrough

One more day, yet another movie groing through several of the distinctive Fate content material Ps players can get to find after they hop into Bungie’s new universe in the week.

This time around about, the Ps3 controller Website gives a peek at the Dust Palace Attack, a sheet of content material that may (the good news is or regrettably, based on your program desire) simply be open to the Ps audience before the Drop of 2015.

The Dust particles Palace Attack goes down on Mars, and here’s the way the Sony playstation Blog has it:

The hidden Martian town of Freehold, very long abandoned, contains a decaying man-made intelligence of enormous value. This shed potential has attracted the interest of the militaristic Cabal, and their challenging factors. It means the Guardians incorporate some try to do in this white-colored-knuckle, supportive objective establish throughout the Dust particles Palace.

So, yeah, it’s just a single mission here. It is the kind of gaming material that hardcore completionists will likely be upset to miss, although the exclusive stuff doesn’t seem huge for Destiny.

Fate launches this week to the PlayStation 3, Sony playstation 4, Xbox 1 and Xbox 360 System. What is your opinion of the exclusive content material? Can you proper care? Do you loathe it?


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