Perisher Carries A Massive DualShock 4 Controller Made From Ice

As part of a fairly lengthy partnership between popular Australian Ski Resort Perisher and Sony, a team of folks have built a massive DualShock 4 controller out of ice and snow.

I doubt I’ll be making it to the snow this year – last time I went ps3 controller I got a fairly heavy concussion – but if you’re heading down to Perisher this year, you have to check it out.

The picture above? That is Olympic skier Russ Henshaw creating a bold step on the tremendous sculpture. If I wanted to, i could totally do that.

The controller may be found in Perisher’s PlayStation? dualshock controller Ground Playground. Sony has been sponsoring the playground for the honest timeframe now.

“We’ve been told the prosperity of a sponsorship about the mountain / hill might be measured by just how much signs is used by snow fans every period,” mentioned Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Enjoyment Australia. “Needless to say, we have now replaced quite a lot of Ps advertising banners more than our 18 many years at Perisher which is actually a fantastic indicator that boarders and skiers replace with a solid a part of our Ps game playing group.”

Seriously, if I went down that park I could see myself slamming headfirst into that controller. I’m the most awful


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