New Sony playstation PlayStation and 3 4 arriving?

The PlayStation 4 has a life cycle that can still be measured in months, but it looks as if Sony may be ready to unveil a new version of both the last generation and the current generation gaming console.

In the declaring submitted about the Directorate of Common Equipment and Resources of Post and Information Technologies, Sony listings a whole new design variety CUH-1106A. Together with the Oriental model of the Sony playstation 4 displaying the design amount CUH-1006A, the brand new version suggests a more incremental switch to the program. Once the Sony playstation 3 debuted in the thin edition, an identical model number transform was adopted.

Also, just time after the Ps 3 Thin design was mysteriously eliminated at a lot of online stores, the design variety CECH-4306CH was registered. It appears like a new revamp or progression may be dualshock arriving at the PlayStation 3 as well.

Naturally, at this moment, every thing should be used using a grain of sodium until Sony verifies things further. Knowing that, E3 is just nearby and Sony might be seeking to unveil a brand new layout to acquire players interested in equally methods once more.


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