DualShock 4 lightbar dimming in PS4 update 1.70

Sony Throughout the world Studios leader Shuhei Yoshida claims you’ll have the ability to dim to the DualShock 4’s vibrant, electric battery-sucking lightbar with PS4 firmware up-date 1.70.

How, to what extent, and whether you’ll be able to turn off the light completely isn’t clear, but this option should help PS4 owners conserve controller battery life. DualShock 4’s obnoxiously quick charge life is perhaps its greatest and maybe, only) downside.

Lightbar dimming joins various confirmed and rumored features that are switching revise 1.70 into some thing of an predicted event. We know about video modifying with SHAREfactory, toggling HDCP to seize game movie immediately by means of HDMI, and pre-launching of electronically bought online games well before discharge. PS4 dualshock 4 controller proprietors will also acquire the capability to post information images from the Ps Iphone app, but in the gossip aspect, we expect to see MP3 playback assistance (through DualShockers), friends list stability fixes, and searching of online games and apps around the front side food selection.

Seemingly, PS4 update 1.70 stops short of beating your games for you, but at least you won’t be waiting long: the upgrade is timetabled to drop on Wednesday, April 30.

Nonetheless, what point about this firmware upgrade is most interesting to suit your needs? Anything at all major you would like that isn’t provided?


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