Flappy Pet bird designer is ‘good now’, focusing on new video games

“The bird is soaring along peacefully,” he affirms having a chuckle, “and suddenly you pass away! ”

– Dong Nguyen explains the appearance of Flappy Parrot and opens regarding how its unforeseen success impacted him in the the latest meet with with Going Stone.

It’s been over a calendar month since Nguyen got down his well known cellular video game Flappy Bird, and a recent talk to by using a Rolling Rock reporter suggests that the Vietnamese indie creator does perfectly.

I’m good now,” Nguyen told the reporter, who interviewed the 28-year-old at a public place in Hanoi, Vietnam, though “I can’t go back to my life before.

Spent some of the money he made running ads on the ps3 controller unexpectedly successful Flappy Bird, and is now developing a few new mobile games, including an action chess game called Checkonaut and a flying game called Kitty Jetpack, according to the report Nguyen has quit his job.

You may — and certainly should — look at the whole meet with on Going Stone’s internet site for more information on Nguyen’s early daily life along with the encounters that motivated him to generate Flappy Bird.

“I pictured how individuals enjoy…one hand holding the train band,” Nguyen advised the Going Gemstone reporter, referencing Hanoi’s public transportation providers. “When you play game on the smartphone…the easiest method is just tapping.”


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